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Fujishiro Shichimi


Fujishiro Shichimi

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Fujishiro Shichimi
Fujishiro Shichimi
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With 7 kinds of spices, this flavor blend spice represents the freshness by dried citrus peel and ginger, the delicacy by green tea, the aroma and sweet flavor by cinnamon, and the sweet taste by stevia in the spicy taste by chili and sansho. Good for sprinkling on Sashimi, grilled fishes, boiled fishes, steaks, cold tofu, miso soup, tempura, noodles, nabe dishes, grilled meat etc.

Raw materials
Takanotsume (Chili), Citrus peel, Green tea, Sansho, Ginger, Cinnamon, Stevia

Content: 2g x 3 packs

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All products need 7 to 14 days before delivery because the sansho is produced on make-to-order basis.

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