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Citrus junos & Sansho Red-Pepper paste


Citrus junos & Sansho Red-Pepper paste

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Flavor-rich mixed spice blending grape sansho with a pleasant flavor, Wakayama's ripen large chili with pungency that comes with savor and a tint of sweetness, and yuzu fruit from Kochi pref. Not to mention the use for Japanese nabe dishes, the mixed spice is excellent as a secrete flavor for various dishes.

[Storage conditions] Store away from direct sun shine, high temperature and high humidity. Refrigerate after opening. Best when consumed immediately after opening.

Raw materials: Yuzu fruit peel (from Kochi pref.), Kishu large chili, Sansho (both from Wakayama pref.), salt (made in Japan), Apple vinegar (from Fukuoka Pref.).
Content: 90g

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